Welcome to HEPAprint.Welcome to HEPAprint.Welcome to HEPAprint.Welcome to HEPAprint.

We use genomics, big data and our unique software to help predict and prevent Adverse Drug Reactions. 

What is HEPAprint?


HEPAprint  is a predictive software solution that uses an individual patient's genes to help guide clinicians to make prescribing decisions that are safer for that patient. 

It does this by highlighting any mutations that the patient has that would increase their risk of having an adverse drug reaction to a particular drug or biologic agent. 

In essense, it is a prescribing decision support tool that helps clinicians risk stratify prescribing at the point-of-prescribing, in real time. It is  focused primarily on predicting idiosyncratic adverse drug reactions as these are the ones that are hardest to predict using other diagnostic markers. 

Guiding the way to safer personalised medicine!