Director, Founder & CEO


Altaf Mamujee 

MPharm(Hons). MRPharmS

Our  CEO is a strategic results-oriented professional digital health clinician that has a proven track record in solving real-world problems through innovation and collaboration. He is versatile, with strengths in Digital health strategy, Evidence-Based Medicine, Pharmaceutical Innovation, Pharmacogenomics, Precision Medicine, Stakeholder Management, Biotechnology and Market Access. He has a track-record of over 10+ years of enabling successful solutions for both patients and a range of strategic partners in the health and clinical arena.

CTO - open for recruitment as of 16th July 2019


CTO's  role includes:

- Writing, updating and maintaining the product software code as per the original product outline;

- Overseeing and working with the CSO (data scientist) alongside the CEO and COO to curate the phenotypic datasets, and facilitate data access to generate future IP;

- Protecting IP, software copyright and maintaining commercial confidentiality for HEPAprint LTD;


Expressions of interest are welcome:

CSO, COO - open for recruitment Sept 2019



  • Will be the lead data scientist of the company;
  • Other details TBC


Will work alongside the CEO to:

  • Scale up the company;
  • Marketing and Social Media Strategy;
  • Generate investment;
  • Arrange and facilitate key meetings.
  • Support the CEO on legal and IP issues;
  • Support the CEO to deliver the project plans and hit key milestones

Expressions of interest are welcome: